Blake Shelton Said Gwen Stefani is “Better at Everything” and It’s Actually Really Adorable

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Whether you’re for it or against it, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are as happy as ever and, though I admittedly had my doubts in the beginning, I’m totally Team Blen (or is it Team Gwake…). 

In an interview at the opening for his new Nashville bar, Old Red, Blake was asked about the recent wedding he attended with Gwen Stefani where she was pulled out on the dance floor to sing and dance to “Hollaback Girl.” 

When asked who is the better dancer, Blake responded with what might be the most perfect and safe answer for every guy when posed with a similar question: “Gwen is better at everything than me, let’s just face it. She wins. She beats me.” 

Atta boy, Blake! 


Old Red is a restaurant, bar and live music venue located on Broadway in downtown Nashville. Blake said that the venue will be a house for performances from various artists, including some of his former contestants on “The Voice,” and he said he’ll be making appearances of his own.