Blake Shelton Calls Himself Gwen Stefani’s “Stalker” After Attending Her Las Vegas Shows


In late June, Blake Shelton’s girlfriend Gwen Stefani began her residency in Las Vegas— and like any good significant other, Blake was there to support here night after night…after night.

Blake took to Twitter a few days after Gwen Stefani’s opening night in Vegas to share that he had, in fact, been to 3/3 of Gwen’s shows so far.

“So far (Gwen Stefani) has performed 3 shows in Las Vegas. I have been to 3…

The two seem to be more in love than ever before lately. Both have appeared in recent interviews where they’ve discussed their relationship— Gwen says Blake changed her life forever and Blake says Gwen came into his life and brought him out of a dark place.

Regardless of how you feel about their relationship, you have to admit that they appear to be happy— which, at the end of the day, is all we can ask for.