Blake Shelton Wants John Krasinski to Replace Adam Levine on “The Voice” and We’re Fine With That


Just when you thought no one else in the world would jump on “The Voice” train, John Krasinski (or you know, Jim from “The Office”) has come on board and Blake Shelton wants to put him on the show.

In a tweet, John shared, “catching up on and loving every minute when my wife said she thought we’d be best friends. Let’s get the paper work over with and make this happen!”

On his end, Blake took it one step further, “I have a better idea. Will you just replace Adam on the show? Please?!!!! He is an idiot!!!”

To our knowledge, John doesn’t have any musical talents, but we would totally be into watching him make faces at the camera two nights a week on NBC. We’re on board with this.