Blake Shelton Said Kelly Clarkson is “Old As Shit”

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Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton are old friends and when old friends get together, you never know what is going to happen. The most recent example of this is Kelly and Blake‘s interview with E! before a taping of “The Voice.”

The interview started out innocent and about Kelly’s birthday, but then it took a real turn. Like, a real turn.

Here are just a few of the quips that were said:

Kelly: You’re not a party animal.
Blake: I am a party animal.

Blake: Kelly is old now… Kelly is old as shit.

Kelly: Your 36th birthday was so long ago.

Blake: Maybe you’ll get a spinoff… like, a spin off

Kelly: I think I have a chance and if I don’t, I know I’ll beat him.

Blake: All three of the other coaches suck and Kelly is one of them.

Blake: When she says she has a chance to win this show, well there’s a chance a meteor could come down and kill us all.
Kelly: I hope it just hits you.