Blake Shelton Says Kelly Clarkson Still Totally Freaks Out and Fangirls Over Gwen Stefani Even When They’re Just Hanging Out

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Kelly Clarkson has been a part of the entertainment industry for multiple decades now, but she’s still meeting her heroes and adjusting to life as a celebrity. For example– during a recent interview with E!, old friend Blake Shelton said that Kelly still freaks out when she hangs out with Gwen Stefani.

Blake shared, “It’s fun to be around Kelly because there’s that part of Kelly that I love about her—she’s still such a fan of artists. One of my favorite times is to see her around Gwen…it’s fun for me to see that fan, freak-out side of Kelly. She makes everything fun.”

You have to remember– when Kelly was in middle school and junior high, Gwen hadn’t even gone pop and was still the lead singer for No Doubt. The group won two GRAMMYs and has sold over 33 million albums worldwide. Not to mention, there haven’t been a ton of female lead singers in rock bands. Gwen is an icon.

For her part, Kelly shared last fall she was nervous to hang with Gwen at first, but “she’s like the coolest, most chill girl ever.”