Blake Shelton Says New Music Will Reflect Divorce and His New Life


During a recent interview with “Country Countdown USA” and Lon Helton, Blake Shelton shared that 2015 was his greatest year in life, he also talked about new music and what fans can expect from him in 2016.

For Shelton, 2015 began like any other– chart-topping singles, successful TV career and happily married. By July he was divorced from Miranda Lambert and in the tabloids even more. He’s ready to sing about all of those things and more, “…but sometimes you don’t know who’s in your life that can save you.  I found some people in my life that have changed my life forever.  Some has been bad and some that’s been pretty good. I’m doing what I’m supposed to do, and that’s put all I’ve gone through and put it into music, and I never felt more connected to a record before.  When people hear this record, they may not know what happened to me, but they’re gonna know how I felt about it.  And that’s exciting for me, to just lay it out there for people.”

Shelton hopes to have a new single out this month and new album out before summer, “I hope the album can come out in May, and people can be knowing, if they’re interested, what I’ve been going through, the good and bad.”

Shelton is also hitting the road in early 2016.

Image Source: PR Photos