Garth Brooks and Blake Shelton Take a Deep Dive in New Video for “Dive Bar”


The wait is over! Garth Brooks has finally taken the plunge and released the new music video for his fun collaboration with Blake Shelton, “Dive Bar.” And, as it turns out, the video is just as fun as the song.

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Set in what appears to be one of Blake’s Ole Red bars, except underwater, Garth and his pal are joined by the band who is suited up in all the trappings and scuba gear required to maintain their breath, but with, you know, cowboy boots. Meanwhile, the two superstars manage to not just stay in the deep end of the dive bar, but belt out the lyrics to their poolside party anthem without oxygen tanks, wet suits or even gills.

Blake is up to his usual antics, going straight for Garth’s funny bone with his rock-and-roll air guitar playing. However, in spite of their mutual incredibly successful careers, the pair of country music superstars may not be the biggest celebrities in the video. They and the band are joined by that iconic pair, Left Shark and Right Shark.

Sure, there were a few tricks to making this video that kept the singers and the sharks safe and dry, but the band is obviously in the water — watch their bubbles and their struggle to not float to the top.

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It seems appropriate that Garth premiered the new video on a Friday on his Facebook page. Hard-working people across the U.S. are looking forward to taking their own swim in a dive bar after the end of a long week, and this is just the anthem to provide the soundtrack.