Gwen Stefani Buzzes Blake Shelton’s Hair on “The Tonight Show”


If you were hankering for an update on Blake Shelton’s mullet, Jimmy Fallon provided it when Blake and girlfriend Gwen Stefani appeared on The Tonight Show. Safely socially distanced, mind you.

Yes, thanks to technology, Blake and Gwen were able to join Jimmy, who was sheltered at home, from their ranch in Oklahoma. Betty the hound dog, ambled around while the couple discussed Blake’s vast knowledge of country music versus Gwen’s in depth understanding of ska, all while shaving off bits of the country star’s hair.

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Now, in a photo that Blake shared on Twitter, fans got a better view of the budding mullet and while it appeared that his hair may have been longer then, Gwen was also pulling on the back to show the new growth. We can also see how adept she is with the clippers since, at that point, she had cut stripes into the sides of Blake’s hair.

During The Tonight Show appearance, though, at her beau’s request, she shaved a small J and an F in his hair — Jimmy Fallon’s initials. The gesture earned him a comparison to the Netflix train wreck, The Tiger King.

During their interview, Blake also shared that The Voice has not yet announced how they will proceed with the show after the pre-recorded Knockouts wrap. In a normal season, the show would roll into the live rounds where viewers begin voting for their favorites, however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a live audience wouldn’t be allowed because of safe social distancing orders.

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Blake suggested that they could possibly finish the show virtually, but even he said that the future of the season is unknown.