Brad Paisley is Working on a New Album


It’s been a year since Brad Paisley released his No. 1 album Moonshine in the Trunk and the country music icon is already back in the studio working on his next one.

While we’re not sure if Paisley’s record label is really unaware of what he’s recording, we’re pretty positive they’ll be okay with whatever comes out of it.

“They’ve just given me a lot of creative control historically … In my case, I was always able to do what I want. I probably would have walked away if they hadn’t let me just sort of be me,” he says in an interview with The Boot. “I had an idea going in what I wanted to be, and I was very lucky to be at a place where they just said, ‘Yeah, you can do that.’”

Paisley is currently teaming up with Blake Shelton on “The Voice” as a mentor and he will be co-hosting the 49th Annual CMA Awards with Carrie Underwood on November 4.

Image Source: CMA