Brett Eldredge’s Video For “Love Someone” Has A Breakout Star—His Dog Edgar


Brett Eldredge is loving someone in his new video and that someone is his dog Edgar.

Brett released the new fun-loving video for his song “Love Someone” and it has the country singer having the time of his life on the road. The video intersperses images of Brett on stage and behind the scenes of his tour.

Throughout the video, there is one constant in Brett’s life, who became the breakout star and that’s his dog Edgar. Edgar appears with Brett on stage doing tricks, dancing backstage, chilling on the bus and joining his human at meet and greets.

We’d almost go as far as to think this song is meant for Edgar. With lyrics like, “Everywhere I want to go and / Everywhere I want to be at / Everywhere I’ve ever been / Everything I’ll ever need / Is sitting right here next to me.”

It’s no secret that Brett loves his dog. Brett has proudly shared loving moments with the pup on social media, even going so far as singing him to sleep. Precious.

Edgar entered the 32-year-olds life two years ago when he was just a pup and we’ve been along for their exciting ride ever since. This dog is clearly meant for stardom.