13 Photos of Dogs Proving the Brothers Osborne Are Totally Right About Dogs

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If you still aren’t on board with Brothers Osborne, surely this recent Twitter frenzy will seal the deal.

First some background: John Osborne and his wife Lucie Silvas are the proud parents of Barley, the fluffiest, sweetest Doodle in all the land. Brother TJ is the proud papa of Cookie, a “service dog,” who just wants to serve her community with some petting for all.






Recently, the Brothers tweeted a photo of a sweet dog with the caption, “must. pet. that. dog.” And what followed was a Twitter miracle facilitated by dozens of photos the cutest, sweetest puppies ever seen on The Internet.



Of course, their response to all the photos of dogs, got even more photos of dogs. The tweets that keep on giving, for sure.



1. Baby Corgi wrapped in a blanket? YAS.

2. Sup, indeed, Merle! Sup, indeed.

3. Any dogs named Waldorf and Prince Frederick are definitely kings for life.

4. Buster is likely right about most things, all the time.

5. Humphrey is a good pup.

6. Jake might be the love of our life too?

7. Yeah, Zoe does not have a bad side. No way.

8. Is this a catalog?!

9. What happened to Millie after this photo? Did she get a meatball?

10. This chair was clearly made for that dog. He should get all the things.

11. Madison, nothing is your fault. Especially with a face like that.

12. All of them? Because we’re ready to give!

13. Clearly, this good sir knocked the other dog out of the photo because he knows he looks good. Can’t blame him.