Brothers Osborne Admit to Feeling Nerves Before Release of Sophomore Album, “Port Saint Joe”

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With their sophomore album, Port Saint Joe, due out on April 20, the Brothers Osborne admit they are feeling some nerves.

“We’re excited, a little bit of nerves,” John told One Country backstage at the Twisted X/One Country booth. “Because you’re vulnerable. You’re putting your heart and soul out there and all your hard work out there for the world to reject you and spit on.”

“It always is a leap of faith putting new music out there,” TJ adds. “But we’ve had a good response so far with those who have pre-ordered already. It’s been good, we’ll see. I’m excited about it. Either way, I’m proud of what we did. Hopefully people listen to it.”

There will be no nerves for the brothers as they attend the ACM Awards on Sunday night (April 15) in Las Vegas, but you can be sure there will be some partying.

“They’re not airing our category (Vocal Duo of the Year) on television and we are not performing,” TJ reveals. “So we are just like, ‘you know what, everything is off, we’re keeping it slim.’ We have not obligations. Just straight to drinking.”

We’ll drink to that.

The guys will head out on Dierks Bentley’s Mountain High Tour with LANCO this summer, in support of Port Saint Joe,