Cam’s New Song “Road To Happiness” Asks All the Right Questions


Cam has traveled the world thanks to her hit single “Burning House.” Along the way, she’s met countless successful people who, to most, have it all figured out. This isn’t the case, though, as she explains ahead of introducing her new song “Road To Happiness.”

“I want to remind you, as cool as it all is, every single person at every level that I’ve met is still figuring out who they are . . . where they belong,” she says on Instagram ahead of her song’s release. “It’s not something to be afraid of. But, make sure you’re not putting off your happiness thinking it’s going to show up later when you have money and success.”

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Cam’s new song is a taste of her forthcoming sophomore album and follows the release of previous single “Diane.” On the striking ballad “Road To Happiness,” Cam urges listeners to think about who they surround themselves with.

“Be careful who you hang around, beliefs are sticky things / Stick on your shoes and on your soul and rearrange your dreams / Get so good at climbing you stop asking where it leads / On this road to happiness,” she sings on the song’s powerful first verse.

Later, she takes things one step further. “Is the future that we’re chasing worth the right now’s that we miss / On this road to happiness?” she asks.

Cam performed the song earlier this year during the Live In the Vineyard Goes Country event in Napa Valley, Calif. and told the audience that happiness should be enjoyed in the moment and not pushed on the back burner until receiving that big raise or that dream promotion.

“After doing ‘Burning House’ I got to meet a lot of people who were successful and had a lot of money and it turns out people that are really successful and have a lot of money still are insecure and don’t know what they’re going to do with their lives and have the same issues as everybody else,” she marveled.

Cam is currently on the road with Sam Smith as part of his The Thrill of It All Tour.