Carly Pearce Didn’t “Hide The Wine” at No. 1 Party For “Every Little Thing”

Carly Pearce performing at No. 1 party
Photo by Ed Rode

Red wine was flowing Monday afternoon (March 19), as Carly Pearce celebrated her No. 1 hit, “Every Little Thing” at a party in Nashville.

The heart-breaking ballad, written by Carly, busbee and Emily Shackleton, hit the top spot in Nov. 2017, giving Carly her first No. 1 hit of career.  The “Hide The Wine” singer has been paying her dues for the past 9 years in Nashville to finally got her big break and scored her first No. 1 single.

“I’ve dreamt of what it would be like to have a No. 1 song since I moved to Nashville,” said Carly. “If I am living proof of anything it’s that one song can change everything. I have experienced that with my peers over the years and have listened to the stories behind the songs that changed other people’s lives, but I had no idea that ‘Every Little Thing’ was going to be that song for me.”

Carly Pearce with songwriters busbee and emily shackleton
Photo by Ed Rode

In addition, Carly is vying for a win with her first ACM nomination for New Female Vocalist of the Year.

One Country‘s Kelly Sutton sat down with Carly, and a glass of wine, prior to the event to talk about her family support, crazy tour schedule and current single “Hide The Wine.”

On Mom and Dad:

“Mom and Dad are here. They have been as much a part of this journey as me, Carly told One Country. “They’ve picked me up when I’ve fallen down. They’ve held me when I creed. They told me to get up and keep going. They let me quit High School. So everything that is happening for me is as much for them as it is for me. I’m sure they are going to cry. I told my mom to drink.”

On Hide The Wine:

“Would you believe I didn’t write this one. I loved all the women of the late 90s and early 2000s, Trisha, Faith, Reba, Shania. All those women, they picked the best songs. Sometimes they didn’t write them. I wrote 8 of the 13, “Hide the Wine” wasn’t one of the ones that I wrote. But it was so much a part of who I am that I had to cut it. It’s just something I haven’t heard somebody do a win song and talk about the alcohol being effective in a positive way.”

On Touring With Blake Shelton:

“One of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life. He is a class act. His crew, Brett Eldredge and Trace Adkins were awesome to be a part of the tour as well. I feel like I learned a lot just from Blake, watching him every night. I genuinely wanted to go watch his show every night as a fan.”