Carrie Underwood and the Nashville Predators are Promising Some “Great Surprises” for the NHL Playoffs This Year (We Just Want New Music)

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I’ll be the first to admit that last year’s Nashville Predators’ playoff run to the NHL Stanley Cup finals was a ton of fun. I was absolutely obsessed with guessing who sing the National Anthem before each home game– I made a chart and compared dozens of tour schedules with the Stanley Cup schedule. And who could forget that guy, Dennis K. Morgan, who got mad because Carrie Underwood and her famous friends took over his job? (Literally one of my favorite stories of all-time.)

This year, the Predators have become the first team to clinch a spot in the playoffs and the team is already drumming up support with a little help from Underwood.

In an email to The Tennessean, Underwood shared, “Last year, I was so proud to be the Captain’s wife and loved being able to contribute to the excitement of the playoffs by coming out to perform the anthem at the first game. I had so much fun and wanted to continue to support the team by asking a few of my friends to get in on the action. Like all of the Preds fans, I’m thrilled that Mike is back on the ice and I love that we are able to bring the music and hockey worlds together this way.”

And big surprises are on the way according to Predators President and CEO Sean Henry, “What we have planned this year for the first round has never been done before for a playoff game. We’re investing a lot of resources to pull off something really special… Our job is to just let it flow, and do a few little things here and there to make it a little bit more exciting. That’s going to start with some of the special effects and things we’re going to do for the pregame show, and that really ramps up with the anthem singer. Then — well, I was going to say ‘Sit back and enjoy it,’ but you don’t sit back and enjoy it. You stand on your feet and scream, yell and hug strangers and enjoy it.”

Okay, so that means it’s time to start guessing what all of this means– out of the gate? Ludacris is coming to town to sing “The Champion” with Underwood. We know that Fisher was listening to the song before the 2017 playoffs and that Underwood had to tell him he couldn’t play it over the speakers. Fisher loves the song and wants everyone to get pumped with it.

That’s our first guess and it’s going to happen.