Carrie Underwood Celebrates a No. 1 Hit for the 22nd Time


Even after 22 No. 1 hits, Carrie Underwood is still the humble, thankful girl we all fell in love with on “American Idol.

“I’m blessed and thankful, above all,” Underwood exclaimed to the crowd of friends, family and co-workers at the No. 1 party for “Smoke Break” in Nashville at The Sutler Saloon.


The hit is also her 12th No. 1 as a songwriter. And co-writers Hillary Lindsey and Chris DeStefano will tell you that the song was actually written after a “Smoke Break”  during a writing session to enjoy the sunny weather, even if no smoking was involved.

“Thank you to the beautiful sunny day we had that day or we would never have walked outside,” said Lindsey.

DeStefano picked up an acoustic guitar and the rest is country music history.

Underwood and Lindsey have a string of hits together, reaching all the way back to Underwood’s first single “Jesus Take the Wheel.”

Before wrapping up the celebration, Underwood said, “I’m glad to be here celebrating another No. 1. It never gets old.”