Carrie Underwood: Employee of the Month at Dick’s Sporting Goods


If Carrie Underwood ever needs a break from singing and touring, she can definitely look into sales as a career. Carrie stopped by a Dick’s Sporting Goods to pose as a Calia by Carrie representative in a dark wig and hat with glasses.

Carrie posed like all of the photos of herself in the store, helped someone find something pink and claimed to “know the designer of Calia.” It took a while, but eventually a few people recognized her. She told one customer, “I used to be in the music business, but I gave it all up to come work at Dick’s Sporting Goods.”

Carrie really earned employee of month honors when she took the store’s walkie-talkie and sang “Before He Cheats” over the intercom system.


Dick’s is probably going to have to put a “no loitering” sign in every Calia By Carrie section in the country now.


Image Source: YouTube