Carrie Underwood Showed Off Her Calia By Carrie Workout Gear (and Her Muscles) and It’s the Motivation We All Need


Most people know Carrie Underwood for her insanely flawless vocals— but if you keep up with her personal life on social media (or if you’ve seen her legs), you know that she’s pretty serious about her fitness. In fact, she even has her own line of fitness gear, Calia by Carrie, for which she’s the perfect walking advertisement.

Carrie took to Instagram to share a selfie of her in the gym wearing a pair of bright blue leggings from Calia by Carrie. “Loving these blue Calia by Carrie Energize 7/8 leggings!” she captioned the picture with the hashtag #StayThePath.

I mean, can we talk about those arms? That’s what we like to call goals.

Calia by Carrie has everything from workout leggings to swimwear, all designed to be comfortable enough to remain active while still looking cute— which, if we’re being honest, is every girl’s dream. (You can find the exact leggings Carrie is wearing here.)

Carrie as only recently come back into the spotlight after suffering a fall outside of her Nashville home that left her with several stitches in her face as well as a broken wrist and other injuries. After the accident, Carrie expressed her fear that she might look “different” once the stitches came out and everything was said and done— but if you ask us, she looks like the same old beautiful, stunning Carrie we know and love!