Carrie Underwood’s Husband Mike Fisher Embraces Country Life With Addition of New Horse (and a Cowboy Hat)


When Carrie Underwood and husband Mike Fisher decide to grow their family, they don’t mess around. In fact, they have gained three new additions to the Underwood-Fisher household in three months. The most recent, though, is another four-legged family member.

On Carrie’s Instagram page, she shared a photo of her handsome hubs looking more like a cowboy than a hockey player. He seems to be surveying their property while a beautiful paint horse grazes in the background. Turns out, he’s actually introducing us to their new pony. Carrie writes, “Every cowboy needs a horse…and a hat. I’m still working with him on the Southern accent. Meet Bojangles…newest addition to the Fisher family! ”  

Mike shares additional images on his Instagram, but he also seems to be hinting that maybe Bojangles is going to be getting a companion. “Ever since I was a kid I’ve always wanted horses. Today I got my first! Bojangles is finally home! He’ll have a dancing partner in a couple days,” he writes. Hmmm…a dancing partner?

Back in January, Carrie and Mike also brought home an adorable German Shepherd pup that Isaiah named “Zero.” As cute as he is now, his presence may be a bit more ominous in a few more months. Mike even writes, “Meet the newest member of our family! Isaiah affectionately named him Zero. I guess it fits because it’s the chance of surviving if you try to break into our home 😂 #GSD,” in he caption.

Of course, as precious as those furbabies are, they don’t really hold a candle to Mike and Carrie’s human addition, Jacob, who also arrived in January.


It seems likely that Bojangles won’t be making Carrie’s “Cry Pretty Tour 360” when it kicks off in May, but the rest of the family could be up for the adventure.