Carrie Underwood Reveals Flair for the Dramatic in Sexy New Video For “Drinking Alone” [Watch]


If you tuned into the 53rd annual CMA Awards on November 13, then you got a little sneak peek of what the video would look like for Carrie Underwood’s newest single, “Drinking Alone.” Now the video is out and we can see that not only does it resemble the country superstar’s CMA performance, it also reveals just how multi-dimensional her talent is.

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In the video, we first see Carrie in a familiar role as a singer in a dimly lit, smokey nightclub. Wearing a black outfit and fedora similar to what she wore for the CMA, as the piece progresses, the singer, now dressed in a lighter color, moves into a booth in the club where she is first seen drinking alone, and then with a handsome stranger (and a change in hairstyle) whom we first spotted while she is on stage.


Is it possible that the clips of Carrie and the aforementioned handsome stranger, who looks similar to real-life husband Mike Fisher, were in a relationship and that footage is before they split? Then the clips of them each drinking alone are after the break up? The different setups could be fluctuating back-and-forth between before and after. It’s also possible that Carrie is portraying two roles as both a singing narrator on stage and then a love interest off the dark and handsome stranger?

Carrie, we have questions.

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What is certain is that the video is as much of a departure to her typical music videos as the song is to her previously released hits, showcasing the incredible versatility of this entertainer’s talent. It also reminds us that Carrie has some pretty impressive acting chops. Back in 2010, she appeared as flight attendant Tiffany on How I Met Your Mother. Then, in 2011, she made her big-screen debut as youth minister Sarah Hill in Soul Surfer.

Could this lead to more film work? Fingers crossed!