Carrie Underwood Shares Hilarious Video of Baby Jacob Being Soothed By Mom’s Voice But Not Dad’s

Carrie Underwood and Mike fisher sing to son Jacob as he cries
Photo by Tammie Arroyo /

Carrie Underwood has an astonishingly great voice by most anyone’s measure, but music fans have different taste, so one person’s favorite artist may be different from another’s. No big deal!

Apparently, though, that taste develops early and in the case of Carrie and husband Mike Fisher’s son, Jacob, he knows whose voice he likes at just five-months-old.

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Carrie shared video on her social media pages of Jacob laying on the bed feeling a bit distressed. Softly above his cries, you can hear Mike gently singing the Vince Gill classic, “I Still Believe in You.” The baby boy continues to sob. Hard. Then fans can hear Carrie begin to sing the same song and, instantly, Jacob turns his head to face his beautiful mom and is silent and calm.

Mike then picks up where Carrie leaves off and Jacob bursts into tears again. When Carrie starts back up, Jacob is quiet, entranced, and when Mike begins singing, the baby’s face squinches up and the sobbing begins.

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In the post, Carrie wrote, “Everyone’s a critic,” but Mike commented, “The real reason is he was hungry and wanted your food. #NotMySinging.”

Keep telling yourself that, Mike.

In reality, Mike can actually carry a tune. Carrie has shared a few videos of her handsome husband performing driver’s seat jams while the pair travel down the road.

Hang in there, Mike. We think you’re something special.