Carrie Underwood’s Son Isaiah Painted a Picture Titled “Mom’s Hair” and He’s a Regular Picasso

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Carrie Underwood has stayed fairly quiet lately after a nasty fall left her with a broken wrist and several stitches in her face– but it’s not stopping her from sharing her son Isaiah’s best work, including his latest piece of art aptly titled, “Mom’s Hair.”

“Isaiah painted this…yeah, that’s pretty accurate…” she captioned the post.

Maybe he was going for an abstract look? Either way, it’s adorable, and it’s the kind of picture a mom will hang on her fridge with pride and keep for years to come.

While Underwood didn’t make an appearance at this year’s Super Bowl, the video for her new song “The Champion,” featuring Ludacris, was debuted, and it didn’t disappoint. She did offer an update on her health condition following her accident. Hopefully, we’ll get to see her (or at least get some new music from her) very, very soon.