Carrie Underwood’s Son Has Been Playing With an Actual Potato for 2 Days and We Can’t Stop Laughing


Let’s face it: Kids are straight up weird sometimes. From the things they say to the things they choose to do with their time, they truly are a complete anomaly— and Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher’s son is no exception. 

Carrie took to her Instagram to share a picture of the “toy” her son, Isaiah, has been playing with; a potato with a drawn on face sitting in a tiny donut inflatable. 

“This is what my kid has been playing with for the past 2 days. Yes, it’s a potato. Yes, he has other real toys. Yes, I know it’s weird,” she captioned the picture. 

I’m sorry, but if you look at this picture and don’t laugh, there’s something wrong with you because Oh. My. Gosh.