Carrie Underwood’s New “The Champion” Video is a Story of Trials and Triumphs and It’ll Give You Chills


Maybe it’s because Carrie Underwood took a bad fall last November and we haven’t seen her since the CMA Awards or maybe it’s because I listened to a lot of Jock Jams growing up, but “The Champion” is really resonating these days. Likely, it’s because it feels like Carrie is actually singing about her story now, versus just getting people pumped up before a sporting event.

The video montage full of inspiring and poignant clips– with a few of Carrie herself and even one of husband Mike Fisher scoring a goal. It’s kind of like Garth Brooks’ “The Dance.” It also features Carrie in the studio belting out the tune. Ludacris is there too.

Even just reading the lyrics for “The Champion” get me pumped up:

I’ll be the last one standing
Two hands in the air, I’m a champion
You’ll be looking up at me when it’s over
I live for the battle, I’m a soldier, yeah

I’m a fighter like Rocky
Put you flat on your back like Ali
Yeah, I’m the greatest, I’m stronger
Paid my dues, can’t lose, Imma own ya, ay

I’ve been working my whole life
And now it’s do or die

I am invincible, unbreakable
Unstoppable, unshakeable
They knock me down, I get up again
I am the champion, you’re gon’ know my name
You can’t hurt me now, I can’t feel the pain
I was made for this, yeah, I was born to win
I am the champion

When they write my story
They gonna say that I did it for the glory
But don’t think that I did it for the fame, yeah
I did it for the love of the game, yeah
And this is my chance I’m taking
All them old records, I’m breaking
All you people watching on the TV
You go ahead and put your bets on me, ay

“The Champion,” was written by Carrie and longtime collaborators Brett James and Chris DeStefano. After its Super Bowl debut, the song spent four consecutive at No. 1 on iTunes across all genres.