Carrie Underwood Went Off on Twitter, Re: The NHL’s Dumb Goalie Interference Rule and Mike Fisher Agreed With Her

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The Nashville Predators playoff hopes were hurt during a recent game by a controversial call that left many scratching their heads and Nashville fans furious. Nashville’s last second, game-tying goal was waved off for goalie interference, giving the Preds a loss in the competitive race for the playoffs. Fans quickly took to Twitter to vent their frustrations, including their most famous fan, Carrie Underwood.

The goal looked clean. Lucky, even. The fans went wild.

But a review disallowed the goal because of “goaltender interference.” The rule states that no player can physically interfere with a goalie. Basically, I can’t push a goalie out of the goal. The refs called this interference because Arvidsson’s (33) stick caused the goalie to spin and reveal the puck before the goal. I don’t know about that.

Underwood was justifiably upset. A video reviewer in Toronto decided the outcome of the game over a questionable call instead of letting both teams play overtime.

Mike Fisher even found a way to complain by just saying Underwood is always right.

She went on to like the take of the cutest fan in Nashville, who happened to agree with Underwood. I think her position sums it up for everyone.