Carrie Underwood Thinks Son Isaiah is Going to Be Able to Sing and He Doesn’t Really Like Ice Skating


Carrie Underwood has seven GRAMMY Awards and a slew of CMA and ACM Awards, so it would make sense that maybe, son Isaiah would inherit some musical talent. But, Isaiah’s dad, Mike Fisher, is a professional hockey player, so he could also grow up to be really athletic.

During a recent interview with Ty, Kelly and Chuck, Carrie revealed that she and Mike don’t post about Isaiah on social media much because they don’t want to embarrass him when he’s older even though she doesn’t know what he might be inclined to do when he’s older.

“I think he’s going to be able to sing… I hope, I think. When I try to get him to sing he won’t do it, but I think he’s gonna be able to sing,” Carrie shared before also sharing, “we try to get him to play hockey, but he’s not interested. Mike will take him to skate and he’s not that interested.”