Mike Fisher Took Isaiah Fishing and He Caught Himself a Big One


Little Isaiah Fisher, son of Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher is finally living up to that last name of his, with some help from dear ol’ dad.

During some time off from the Nashville Predators grueling season, Mike took Isaiah fishing and the little guy caught a fish on his first cast– and he reeled it in himself. Mike shared the sweetest photo on Instagram saying, “Day off= fishing with Izzy! Little man got this one with his first cast today and reeled it in himself. #prouddad.”


When Mike was retired he spent a lot of time fishing, even taking Carrie a couple of times.

Hard to beat smallmouth fishing

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Daddy day care tip #1: always go to the playground next to the pond #catchinhogs

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Trophy catchin for Halloween! #happyhalloween #realtree #catchindeers

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