Reese Witherspoon Gets Mistaken For Carrie Underwood and She Couldn’t Be Happier

Reese WItherspoon mistaken for Carrie Underwood
Photos by Tammie Arroyo/

In a case of mistaken identity, actress Reese Witherspoon had a moment where she was not recognized for the tons of movies she’s acted in, but for being another talented blonde celebrity, Carrie Underwood.

The actress posted a message to the fan on social media, explaining that being asked if she was Carrie Underwood had actually made her day. (Side note: it would make anyone’s day)

“To the woman in the parking lot who just asked me if I was Carrie Underwood: You officially made my day!” Reeese wrote on Twitter.

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Well, Carrie Underwood saw the Tweet and noted that not only was her day made, but her life was made as well.

“YOUR day?!?!?!?! That lady just made my whole life!,” Carrie replied.

It didn’t take long for that lady in the parking lot to realize that both Carrie Underwood and Reese Witherspoon were talking about her on social media. Noha Hamid, took the moment to reveal to all that it was actually her who accidentally asked Reese if she were Carrie. Oops.

OMGGGG! That was ME,” she wrote alongside a video explaining the situation. “Haha, I swear when I walked away I was like wait, that was totally Reese Witherspoon! I could barley see your face cause the mask and hat but I knew you looked so familiar haha. I LOVE YOU@ReeseW.”

In the video, Noha shared the story of what actually happened upon their encounter.

“Ok, The craziest thing just happened! I’m with my husband in Nashville, Tennessee, eating at a barbecue place. I swear I see this lady with her husband and kid and I’m like, ‘That looks just like a celebrity and I’m trying to think of who, and I’m like, ‘Oh, Carrie Underwood?'” Hamid explained.

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After sharing that Reese was wearing a mask and “big cowboy hat” when Noha saw her, she stated that she  also looked up Carrie Underwood to see if it was actually her and assumed it had to be, since Carrie lived in a nearby area.

“So I wait till she kind of goes back to her car so I can ask her if it’s her, not in front of everyone to blow her cover, and then she’s like, ‘Hey, oh no, I’m not Carrie Underwood, but have a great day!’ And I was like, ‘Oh, that’s totally her and she’s just lying,'” Hamid continued. “I go back and I think about it and I’m like, ‘Oh my god, that’s Reese Witherspoon.’ Then I searched and it was Reese Witherspoon and I totally asked her if she was Carrie Underwood and now I feel crazy. I want to go back and be like, ‘I’m so sorry! I love you from Legally Blonde, but I don’t know what I was thinking.'”

While the masks can make it hard to identify your favorite celebrity, this is one case of mistaken identity that didn’t disappoint anyone involved.