Cole Swindell Releases Sexy New Hit, “All Nighter”

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If there was a list of country artists who have mastered the art of creating a diverse catalog, Cole Swindell’s name might be near the top. The talented singer-songwriter has scored hits with both ballads and rockers, heartbreak and love songs, and has even produced successful songs that have more contemporary production, as well as those that take a more classic spin.

So, at a time of year when we typically think of sassy, summer, beer-chuggin’ party songs, we shouldn’t be surprised that Cole is fearlessly releasing a downright sexy toe-tapper with “All Nighter.”

“All Nighter” is one of those mind-bending tunes that lyrically and somewhat sonically feels like a ballad, but halfway through, listeners realize that their toes are tapping or heads are bobbing to a pretty prominent beat, and the urge to dance is too strong to resist. And you shouldn’t. Cole even sings:

“Girl, the way you move, you’re setting me on fire. 

Stars are way up high, yeah you take me higher. 

Leaning in real close, like baby hold me tighter. 

It’s looking like it’s gonna be an all nighter.”

“All Nighter” is the second release from Cole’s Down Home Sessions V, which will be released in its entirety later this year. Until then, though, he promises five new songs from the EP in the five months before its release. The ode to happy hour…or hours…“Drinkin’ Hours” kicked off the fun in June, and now “All Nighter” represents the July release. 

Cole has released a Down Home Sessions EP every year since he signed his recording contract with the Warner Bros. record label in 2014.

“All Nighter” is available from all digital providers now.