Cole Swindell Gets Ride Of His Life On Motor Speedway

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We never took Cole Swindell for a guy who likes to live life on the edge, but he’s a man of action.

Prior to his concert at the 2018 Monster Energy All-Star Race, Swindell and Ryan Blaney took to the Charlotte Motor Speedway for the ride of his life. Fear not, the Georgia native was in good hands with Blaney, a third generation professional stock car racing driver.

“It’s going to be different,” Swindell said during “Glass Case of Emotion” podcast prior to the run. “I’m a big fan watching on TV and in person but I’ve never actually been in there. I think I’m gonna have a whole new respect for it.”

In a video posted by NASCAR the good friends hit the track. Swindell got strapped in real tight as he takes the passenger seat. They left the driving to the professional. But it’s still a scary ride.

“I’ve never been this nervous walking out on stage. I’m usually in control when I walk out on stage. I trust my buddy though,” the 34-year-old said before taking off.

“I got ya,” Blaney said. And off they went.