10 Country Songs About Growing Up That Will Make You Cry


Across the United States, the kiddos are starting school, some for the first time and some returning. While parents often feel a bit of joy that their children’s little minds are being filled with knowledge, there’s almost always a touch of heartbreak knowing that they’ll never get these youthful days back.

So, if you just welcomed a new baby to your home, or while you’re standing at the end of the driveway waiting for the bus, or sitting in the drop-off/pick up line, let one of these tender country tunes be the soundtrack for the passing of time. 

Heck, you don’t even have to have children to appreciate the enchanting stories these songs tell. We’re betting you were a child once and that’s reason enough to embrace all of these feels. 

And keep the tissues handy.

10. Kenny Chesney – “There Goes My Life”

This is easily a ten tissue tune. Sure, this couple wasn’t planning on a baby at that point in their lives, but as this curly-haired tot grows up, they can’t imagine life without her.


9. Darius Rucker – “It Won’t Be Like This for Long”

Darius is easily one of the most tender-hearted and family-focused artists in country music, which may be why this tearjerker is so relatable for parents with littles of all ages.


8. Tim McGraw – “My Little Girl”

The arrangement is dramatic, the melody is beautifully rangy, and the lyrics are like an arrow through the heart. This song could garner an audible sob in a quiet room.


7. Suzy Boggus – “Letting Go”

Both heartwarming and heartbreaking, these lyrics search for a positive angle to the circle of life, but, in the end, it’s just hard to say goodbye. 


6. Trace Adkins – “Then They Do”

You’ll swallow hard a time or two to fight back the tears with this one. What amplifies the sentiment is hearing a tough guy like Trace wrestling with the emotion of watching his own daughters grow up.


5. Carrie Underwood – “Don’t Forget to Remember Me”

It isn’t always the parents that have a hard time saying good-bye. Carrie’s emotional ballad reveals both sides—the leaving and the left behind. 


4. Bryan White – “Rebecca Lynn”

Let’s be honest, going back to school isn’t just about reading, ‘riting and…’rithmatic. What would returning to school be without that fourth “r”—romance.


3. Lee Brice – “Boy”

Not all education takes place in a school. In fact, you can just about see Lee sitting down with his two sons at his knee making sure they know these life lessons. 


2. Reba McEntire – “He Gets That From Me”

Raising a child alone is an undeniable challenge, but Reba’s heartbreaking reason can take a listener to their knees. There’s a special place in Heaven for single parents, no matter the reason. 


1. Gary Allen – “Tough Little Boys”

When you’re man enough to admit that you’re man enough to cry, you’re liable to get a few sympathetic shoulders and perhaps some empathetic tears.