Dan+Shay Facetime Kelly Clarkson the Night Before Their Self-Titled Album Drops

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Things are OK in the world of Dan+Shay. The country duo released their brand new self-titled album Friday morning and are Facetiming with their really cool friend, Kelly Clarkson. That’s a pretty good day for us.

Dan+Shay have been teasing the new project for months by releasing a few tracks including “Keeping Score,” a collaboration with everyone’s favorite vocalist, Kelly Clarkson. 

The new song, written by Dan Smyers, Jordan Reynolds and Laura Veltz, finds the trio singing about being in love, slowing things down and focusing on what matters most as opposed to “keeping score” of things they won’t remember down the line. 

Prior to the release of the album, the guys went on Facebook Live to talk about what to expect from their upcoming release. What fans didn’t expect, was a Facetime call with special guest, Kelly Clarkson. 

The friends talked about their time in the studio, Kelly’s house in L.A. and of course their collaboration, “Keeping Score.”

“We should just get it to No. 1 on ITunes today,” Dan said of the song sitting in the Top 5. 

“Do it. I’m just going to keep Tweeting and Instagramming and Facebooking until it happens,” Kelly replied. 

We’re pretty sure she can make it happen. 

Check out the full Facebook Live chat here: