Dierks Bentley Still Uses a Flip Phone, But For a Pretty Honest Reason

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Dierks Bentley is a pretty down-to-earth, no B.S. kind of guy— but considering the fact that it’s 2018 and we have all of the technological advances that we do, seeing something like a flip phone almost feels like you’re looking at ancient artifacts. 

In a preview clip for his appearance on CBS This Morning, an interviewer asks Dierks if she can see his phone and, when he proceeds to pull out a flip phone, she says: 

“That is not…No that’s…How old is that phone?” 

She then asks if he’s able to look at any social media on his flip phone or if he can browse the internet. “No…I don’t think so — the constant digital assault in your brain you get from your phone every day, it’s hard to be creative. It’s hard to be present.” 

Fair enough. 

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