10 Best Songs About The Good Old Days


Country music in 2014 was as much about remembering the past as it was about living in the moment. It’s human nature to want to replay all those happy, fuzzy memories like a home movie in our minds. Whether it is the smell of grandma’s cinnamon apple pie or the condensation from an ice cold Coca-Cola, it is often those small, seemingly unimportant, details that are often the ones we remember the most. Country Outfitter has put together a handy list of 10 tracks that’ll have you cracking open a beer, sitting on your front porch and reliving your glory days in a brand new way.

10. Eli Young Band, “10,000 Towns” (10,000 Towns)

This group’s latest album mixes the dusty charm of a one-stoplight kind of town with the polished lights of Music City. This rowdy anthem speaks to the heart of every country fan and their need for simplicity.

9. Rachele Lynae, “Touch the Stars” (Rachele Lynae)

A giddy mid-tempo track about young romance sits in the pocket between sweet idealism and down-home nostalgia.

8. Dan + Shay, “19 You + Me” (Where It All Began)

The most pop of the bunch, this tender ditty brings back memories of spring break, late summer nights, moonlight on the lake and every other romantic notion wrapped into four minutes of delight.

7. Eric Church, “Give Me Back My Hometown” (The Outsiders)

Church’s experimental album might lean far more southern-rock than traditional country, but this standout No. 1 hit brought his skill to a well-polished song and meaningful story.

6. Frankie Ballard, “Helluva Life” (Sunshine & Whiskey)

This newcomer made a splash with this track that relishes in the truly good things about life and celebrating the working-man. Things might be bad, but there’s always something good to enjoy.

5. Tim McGraw & Faith Hill, “Meanwhile Back At Mama’s” (Sundown Heaven Town)

McGraw returned to his story-telling roots with a song that speaks to every country fan’s upbringing: cold beer, mama’s cooking and good times with good friends.

4. Florida Georgia Line, “Dirt” (Anything Goes)

Known for their high-floating party hits, Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley pulled it in for one of the year’s best nostalgic entries, by connect life and each moment together with the dirt beneath their rugged feet.

3. Lee Ann Womack, “Send It On Down” (The Way I’m Livin’)

A more emotional, sorrowful take on leaving home, Womack’s touching delivery offers a more realistic perspective than most on this list.

2. Miranda Lambert, “Automatic” (Platinum)

Lambert offered up a more mature understanding of the world with her new album, and the album’s first single took listeners back to a much simpler (less technologically advanced) time.

1. Dolly Parton, “Home” (Blue Smoke)

The Queen of Country blasted back into the mainstream with her new album, led with this delightful snapshot of what she loves most about her home.

Image Source: CMA