Eric Church Announces Home Furniture Line


Eric Church and Pulaski Furniture are teaming for a furniture collection. The whole home collection, “Highway to Home” is in development and will be unveiled to furniture stores at the end of 2015 and available to the public in 2016.


“Highway to Home is a natural extension of my family heritage. My dad was in the industry. My first job was in a furniture plant, so yes, it is in my blood. Staying connected with my roots has always been important to me…my history and connection runs deep in this business,” said Church on his Facebook page.

Personally, I’m hoping the collection pays homage to some of his music and lyrics. Maybe a couch modeled after the line, “My friends try to cheer me up get together at the Pizza Hut.” Or couch cushions with Bruce Springsteen’s face on them for “Springsteen.”

Image Source: Church, UMG