Eric Church Opens Up For First Time About Health Scare That Almost Ended His Life


Though Eric Church puts his heart and soul into his music, he’s a relatively quiet and reserved guy. But in a new interview with Rolling Stone, Eric opened up about a terrifying health scare he had last year— and how it almost killed him.

Eric said that as his tour was coming to an end last year, he noticed that his hands were tingling more than normal. “I just associated it with nerves,” he told Rolling Stone. “I didn’t think it was anything.”

By June, he knew something was seriously wrong. “I was watching the College World Series and texting about golf, and this hand was not responding like it should. So I peeled my shirt off and went in the bathroom, and my arm was noticeably red and enlarged.”

Like most people, he took to Google to look up the symptoms of thrombosis from airplane travel, something he’d heard about before. “And I had five out of five symptoms,” he said.