Brian Kelley of FGL is One Romantic Dude

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If you follow Brian Kelley from Florida Georgia Line on social media, then you know he is not shy about sharing his relationship with his wife, Brittney. Many fans comment on their love and how it’s the type of relationship they strive to have one day. Brian explains that when he first met Brittney, they were both dating other people, but he says, “We had a pretty good friendship at the time and kinda hang out a little bit, found ourselves talkin’. She’s just amazing, she’s definitely my little angel and she’s so strong and beautiful, inside and out, very creative and very talented at a lotta things and we just have that connection.”

After dating other people and finally both ending up single at the same time, Brian says, “Once we were both single and had an opportunity to get together and hang out in that kinda way, it just, it was a no-brainer. We both felt it immediately. So, it’s been kind of a pretty cool love story.” Here the full interview here:


Brian Kelley’s Most Romantic Instagram Posts:

“Forever changed a year ago today. @bcole429 I love living with you, being married to you, waking up with you everyday. My best friend, my lover. Every beat of my heart is yours. Happy 1 year anniversary!”

Florida Georgia is currently on their Anything Goes Tour and will be playing select dates on Luke Bryan’s summer tour.

Image Source: Instagram/@playbkplay