Tyler and Hayley Hubbard’s Dog Harley Is the Sweetest Dog on The Planet and Baby Olivia Agrees

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Little Olivia Hubbard is only 3 months old, but she’s already getting plenty of love and attention from everyone in her life– especially “big brother,” Harley Hubbard. Harley, Tyler and Hayley’s Golden Retriever, seems to have adapted to life with a newborn better than almost anyone or anything we’ve ever seen.

Hayley recently shared a video of Olivia getting some special time with Harley and it’s easily the sweetest thing we’ve ever seen.


Haley also shared a 3-month snapshot of Olivia and she’s quite the cutie. Hayley said, “Olivia is 3 months old this week ?I’m just so in love with her!she has a constant smile on her face, she’s social and loves being around people but loves her alone time too (wonder where she got that from ?), she loves Harley kisses, and is quite the talker and makes all sorts of noises. #3months.”