Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard Sings “Jesus Loves Me” With Help of Daughter Olivia [WATCH]


With a second baby on the way, Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard and his wife, Hayley, are giving their firstborn, Olivia, a lot of extra attention before life gets hectic as they become a family of four.

That includes the little doe-eyed cutie getting a personal singalong with Daddy.

Fortunately, Hayley caught this tender moment between father and daughter on video and shared it on her Instagram page. As Tyler tenderly strums his guitar and softly sings “Jesus loves me, this I know…,” Olivia rocks to the rhythm. More or less, anyway.

But the big finish comes when Olivia gets that final glory note, “so.” And our hearts turn to goop when Tyler beams at his daughter and gives her an encouraging “yeah!”

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Yes, Jesus loves us 🥰

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Hayley and Olivia hit the road with Florida Georgia Line for one final weekend before baby Luca arrives, and now the family is just soaking up every second together since the newborn could arrive any day now. Hayley has previously mentioned that she would see her son on August 19th, so she could be induced if he hasn’t made his debut before then.

If you follow her Instagram stories, you know she’s been doing everything she can to get this little one to come out on his own, from eating specific foods, utilizing essential oils, and preparing for labor and delivery with special bath salts. 

OK, Luca. We’re all ready for your arrival!