Tyler Hubbard From Florida Georgia Line is Officially a Belieber

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We all know Tyler Hubbard. He’s kind of macho, sings about chicks and booze and is married to a high-end fashion blogger — you know, a real guy’s guy. Well, recently, this half of the Florida Georgia Line duo admitted via Instagram that he’s “officially a #belieber.”

For those of you that are a little unclear on the term ‘Belieber,’ let me help you out. In the most simple terms, ‘Belieber’ means that you are a Justin Bieber supporter — you’ve jumped, feet first, into the endless vat that is Justin Bieber’s music. Now I, for one, completely support Tyler’s transition. Justin Bieber’s music, especially the new stuff, is lyrically challenging, catchy and allows Justin to show of his mad vocal chords. The dude is incredibly talented.

After coming out and admitting that he has joined the ‘belieber’ movement, Tyler then went on to say that Justin’s title track “Purpose” from his new album is “anointed.” Wow, big word — I couldn’t agree more.

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I’m officially a #belieber … This song is anointed. It’s cool watching a boy become a man. #music=healing

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Welcome to the Belieberhood Tyler.

Image Source: PR Photos