10 of Garth Brooks’ Most Powerful Ballads of All-Time


When you think great country music artists, Garth Brooks will most certainly be one of the first to jump into your mind. Garth charged onto the scene with his eponymous debut in 1989, and was an absolute game-changer for the format, bridging the gap between traditional and what soon became known as pop-country. While his production certainly leaned further into pop territory, it has been his storytelling that has kept him grounded and centered in one of the most powerful formats in all of music history.

Throughout the ’90s Garth offered up some of the most gut-wrenching ballads in all of country’s rich history. He continued to let the lyrics cut through the noise and quickly solidified him as one of the most captivating storytellers. Of course, it also helps that he is the best-selling country artist ever, and there’s reason for that: his music connects to audiences all across the globe. No matter what you are going through, Garth’s music speaks to the very soul of the human existence in ways no one ever did before or has ever since.

10 of Garth Brooks most powerful ballads of all time:

The Dance” (from 1989’s self-titled debut)

“Burning Bridges” (from 1991’s Ropin’ the Wind)

“If Tomorrow Never Comes” (from 1989’s self-titled debut)


“The Night Will Only Know” (from 1993’s In Pieces)

The Thunder Rolls” (from 1990’s No Fences)

“More Than a Memory” (from 2001’s Scarecrow)


“The River” (from 1991’s Ropin’ the Wind)

“She’s Gonna Make It” (from 1997’s Sevens)

“The Change” (from 1995’s Fresh Faces)


“When You Come Back to Me Again” (from 2001’s Scarecrow)



Honorable Mention: “Somewhere Other Than the Night” (from 1992’s The Chase)

Image Source: CMA