Jana Kramer Reveals Gender of Baby No. 2: “We Were Shocked!”


Exciting news for Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin!

Earlier this summer, the two announced they are expecting their second child together and, to their surprise, it’s going to be a boy! Jana took to Instagram to share a short video of her, Mike and their daughter, Jolie, sharing the news with a bunch of cheers.

Jana also shared the news with Us Weekly, saying, “I was convinced it was a girl. Like, absolutely convinced with how sick I’ve been and the cravings I’ve had,” she said. “I was like, ‘OK, I’m definitely having another girl.’ And I kind of secretly wanted a girl because I never had a sister, so I always wanted to know what that was like.”

She said they had a friend fill up a piñata with confetti (blue or pink) to reveal the gender. “My girlfriend Ashley called the doctor once the sex came in and she filled a piñata up with [blue] confetti,” she said. “And then when we hit it, we were like, ‘Oh!’ Like, we were shocked. It was a really nice actual surprise.”

“Genuine shock. We were convinced it was a girl….but we are over the moon that it’s a BOY,” she said.

Congratulations to the happy family!