Brittany Aldean Shares Hilarious Reality of Motherhood Involving Spit Up, a Potato Chip and Her Bra

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Jason Aldean’s wife, Brittany, is always keeping things real– especially now that she’s knee-deep in the mom life.

Brittany, who is also known for her love of makeup, posted a short video of herself showing off her freshly made-up face, but the caption took a turn that you wouldn’t expect. “‘Pretty makeup’ you say? Today I found a potato chip in my bra… am using spit up as mousse in my hair… and am currently on a bus ride to Texas (15 hours) with a 3 month old…” she said.


Jason Aldean recently shared that he had his tour bus baby-proofed so that Memphis could join him on tour.

“Back when [my daughters] were born, when I was touring I was on one bus with my whole band—there was 12 of us on a bus, so I wasn’t in a position to be able to carry them out a whole lot back then,” Aldean said. “And then, my oldest one started school. They would come out for the summer sometimes. But [Memphis] is going to be out there and grow up around it nonstop. It’s going to be interesting to see what kind of musical skills he develops over the years.”

“Hopefully, he’ll be my guitar tech pretty soon– I got a feeling it won’t be pretty long and he’ll be up there sound-checking with the band,” he said.

I mean, you can’t have the name Memphis Aldean and not become a country singer, right?