Jason Aldean’s Son Memphis Shows Off Counting Skills [Watch]


School is back in session in Nashville and, even though he’s a few years away from first grade, Jason Aldean’s son, Memphis, is starting to learn the basics to get him ahead in the world.

And Daddy couldn’t be more proud.

In a video Jason shared on Instagram, the beautiful blue-eyed boy shows that he has learned to count…with a little nudging from his pops. Jason starts him with, “One!” But Memphis immediately jumps ahead to “Ten!” When his daddy corrects him, the youngster picks up almost as if he was initially teasing Jason. He then goes from two to ten without hesitation, including those precious mispronunciations that toddlers are known for. It’s hard to tell who feels more triumphant when he finishes and Jason tells him, “Good job!” 

The father and son have made a bit of communication progress from this conversation they had back in July where Jason went online seeking a toddler translator. 

Meanwhile, at six-months-old, baby Navy Rome is keeping busy getting cuter by the minute and looking so much like her daddy, brother and big sisters. Of course, she was going to win either way. Mama Brittany is ridiculously gorgeous, so taking after either parent was definitely a win/win.

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Although Jason is busy with fairs, festivals and his Ride All Night Tour, he does manage to get home between shows, and he’ll be off for the holidays at the end of the year.