Jason Aldean Says He and Brittany Are Already Thinking About Having Another Baby: “The Sooner The Better”


Despite having just welcomed their first child together in December, Jason and Brittany Aldean are already in talks about baby no. 2.

“Our theory is, ‘Hey, we got one in diapers and formula right now so, while we’re in this mindset we might as well knock it out,'” Aldean told Taste of Country. “We both agreed that we wanted to have two. I have two older daughters and there’s a pretty big age difference in my two older daughters and Memphis, so we wanted to have one who’s a little closer in age to him so he has somebody to hang out with.”

Jason has two daughters from his previous marriage, making baby Memphis his third child and Brittany’s first.  He went on to say that he believes the closer in age Memphis and baby no. 2 are, the better.

“I think it’s worse when you get one who’s three, four years old and you’re past the early stages of stuff and then all of a sudden you start all over again,” he said. “If you never get out of it you don’t know any different until they’re both out and you’re good to go.”

Jason recently shared that he had his tour bus baby-proofed so Memphis could grow up on the road. “Hopefully, he’ll be my guitar tech pretty soon,” Aldean joked. “I got a feeling it won’t be pretty long and he’ll be up there sound-checking with the band.”