Jason Aldean Baby-Proofed His Tour Bus For His Son Memphis and Said It Won’t Be Long Until He’s Part of the Band

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Jason and Brittany Aldean recently welcomed their first child together, Memphis Aldean, and he’s a real ham. Jason has two daughters from his previous marriage, and the youngest of the two is 10 years older than Memphis, which means Jason has had to brush up on his baby skills lately– and he’s had to baby-proof his tour bus.

In a recent interview with Taste of Country Nights’ Sam Alex, Jason shared that Memphis is going to grow up very differently than his sisters did.

“Back when [my daughters] were born, when I was touring I was on one bus with my whole band—there was 12 of us on a bus, so I wasn’t in a position to be able to carry them out a whole lot back then,” Aldean said. “And then, my oldest one started school. They would come out for the summer sometimes. But [Memphis] is going to be out there and grow up around it nonstop. It’s going to be interesting to see what kind of musical skills he develops over the years.”

“Hopefully, he’ll be my guitar tech pretty soon,” Aldean joked. “I got a feeling it won’t be pretty long and he’ll be up there sound-checking with the band.”

Seeing as baby Memphis is pretty much a spitting image of his famous dad, we can definitely see it happening. Also, with a name like Memphis Aldean, you can’t not become a country singer, right?

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I mean, could it get any cuter??? 😍

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