Jon Wolfe’s “Any Night In Texas” Is A Tribute To All The Uptown Dallas Girls


Jon Wolfe is as Texas as it comes and his most recent release pays tribute to his favorite state. “Any Night In Texas” is a celebration of Texas summer nights, State Fairs, and the beautiful landscape of the Lonestar State.

The video follows Wolfe as he drives a jeep through the Texas Hill Country, telling the story of a summer fling. “I was a small-town country boy, liked raising hell and making noise — she was Uptown Dallas cool,” he sings. Texas fellas know how that one goes.

The song takes place during a summer fair, but the video looks like it was shot at the legendary State Fair, which takes place in Dallas during the month of October. But ignore me, I’m over here splitting hairs.

The video is about as Dallas country as it gets celebrating the Fair, a specific Dallas neighborhood, and the longing all Dallas residents have to get out of the city and onto the land in the Hill Country.