8 Really Interesting Things Kacey Musgraves Said About Music to Elton John

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Kacey Musgraves was Elton John’s first female guest on his Apple Music Beats 1 radio show Elton John’s Rocket Hour and it was fascinating to hear the superstar legend talk to our favorite should-be, will-likely-be superstar. (Note: this was the 144th episode of the radio show/podcast, so that took a while to get a female guest.)

The show started with Elton playing “Dime Store Cowgirl” for the masses, which led to the discussion about how the UK has always loved country music, but they love it even more now that people like Kacey write songs about things other than trucks and beer. They probably also like that she doesn’t let any royal protocol get in the way of much.

The premise of the show is “music you know, music you don’t know, and music you should know,” so while digging into Kacey’s music, the pair also shared songs that they want everyone to hear. But, mostly, it was just really great to hear Kacey discuss her music and country music without a filter.

Kacey on Why UK Fans Might Love Her:

“I think they know now that there are other things I want to talk about other than just trucks, beer, life…”

Kacey On Musical Genres

“It’s so boring– I see two different genres– good or bad.”

Kacey on Writing Songs

“I do find it easier to tap into sadness. I can find sadness in anything, even when it’s happy.”

Kacey on “Butterflies

“This was the first song I wrote after meeting my now husband… songwriting is what feeds my soul and I just needed to get back to that. About the same time I set off on going on a new creative journey, I met this person that just completely changed my world.”

Kacey on Space (?)

“It takes a lot of balls to have space in your records and in your lyrics because, intrinsically, you just want to fill up a space. You think that it makes it better, but not.”

Kacey on “Space Cowboy”

“There’s a sadness, but also this powerful confidence when you’ve finally decided to let go of something that is not good for you.”


Kacey on Touring with Harry Styles

“I think it’s gonna be an interesting but really fun time, with the direction that his new record just went and the way that mine has gone. I kind of think that it’ll really work. I just appreciate when anybody wants to support other genres.”

Kacey on Playing Wembley

“It is a big deal, I know a lot of country artists don’t play there. I’ve never even been there.”