Kacey Musgraves Went on a Multi-Hour Karaoke Musical Journey By Herself on Instagram and Nothing in 2018 Will Be Able to Top It


I’m no Christmas gift expert, but according to my Instagram feed one of the biggest moderately priced, probably not asked for, but definitely wanted was this wireless karaoke microphone. It’s about $30, has a rechargeable battery and can be paired with bluetooth speakers and karaoke apps.


The Amazon description of this product is like nothing I have ever read before:

  • FUN UNLIMITED – Throw living room karaoke parties, add fun to any event and develop a friendly bond by taking benefit of sing-alongs – with our handheld Karaoke Microphone you can sing your heart out or create high quality podcasts – even enjoy singing in the car.
  • IDEAL GIFT – A great way to add stars to birthday, anniversary celebrations and other festive occasions, our karaoke system also makes for a great gift for kids and adults alike. The package also includes 1 USB charging cable, one storage/carry box, and one user manual.
  • 100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We also offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence. However, we are quite sure that you will be super impressed this user-friendly portable system and would find it much easier to use compared to outdated systems.
Oh, I’m sorry– a risk-free, fun unlimited gift? I’m in. Say no more.

After seeing a number of neighborhood kids with these microphones over the last week, imagine the FUN UNLIMITED I felt when I saw that Kacey Musgraves took the risk-free satisfaction guarantee and shared about 48 karaoke videos with the world on Instagram. I thought Christmas was over. I was wrong.

Kacey, seemingly alone in her home, started uploading videos in the late afternoon and kept at it so long she started reading about karaoke addictions on the Internet.

First, Kacey tested out the microphone without any music and she sounded like the GRAMMY-winning country music star that she is even though she was singing Frank Sinatra and Queen.

After getting her bearings she downloaded a karaoke app and really amped up her performances. Being true to roots, she started off with some Dixie Chicks before switching over to some Afroman and *NSYNC. Few people could pull off a karaoke genre change of that nature, but Kacey nailed it.

After securing her spot in a ’90s boy band, Kacey discovered that a song she had written and won CMA Song of the Year for, “Follow Your Arrow” was on the app, she nailed that performance too. When she saw that “Late to the Party” was on the app she just asked, “who’s making these? It’s weird.” But, she still sang it.

Because she’s a humble GRAMMY winner, Kacey stepped outside of her own tunes to perform the tradition R&B classic, “No Scrubs,” from TLC. Kacey has performed this song on legendary stages across the country, even the Ryman Auditorium, but this impromptu performance seemed better for some reason.

Once again, she did a complete genre swerve and walked us through Avril Lavigne’s “Skater Boi,” before taking several moments to pay homage to the Queen of Tejano Music– Selena Quintanilla-Pérez.

Finally, as Kacey began to wind down the hits, she discovered that there was, in fact, a limit to the fun.

“I had to stop and get a snack and also, I’ve done so many videos for free on this app, that they’re now requiring a year’s subscription… it’s $99… I’ve never spent $99 so GD fast in my life,” she shared as she also assured us that the karaoke party isn’t over– it’s just beginning.

While the songs were done for the evening, Kacey did start on her research discovery journey to find out if she’s a karaoke addict. She came across an article that ran in the Orlando Sentinel in 1995. Seeing as how the Internet was just a pup in 1995, I have to imagine this was one of the first articles ever, if not the first article, about karaoke addiction on the WWW.

The article, “Are You A Karaoke Addict? Look For The Warning Signs” by James J. Peters lists 10 warning signs to look for in karaoke addicts.

And he also broke down just what karaoke is and where it can happen– anywhere.

The 10 warning signs could be concerning if you identify with all 10, but some stick out more than others.

1. In the course of an evening, you patronize more than two karaoke clubs; in the course of a week, you patronize karaoke clubs on four or more nights, in search of that ever-elusive standing ovation.

Yes, if you’re trolling multiple clubs just looking for that standing “O,” you might have a problem.

5. You have to tell the show host to adjust the key, volume, speed and/or echo to accentuate your voice better with every performance, and you often bring your own music.

Listen, I’ve spent more hours than I care to admit singing karaoke and the thought of bringing my own music or someone else bringing their own music? Genius!

kacey musgraves karaoke mic

7. You become intimate with the show host, regardless of sexuality considerations, in the hopes of getting preferential treatment during the shows.

Yeah, that is a problem in life, not just karaoke. Definitely, need to get that figured out and then worry about your karaoke problem.

kacey musgraves karaoke

8. You pout or have a breakdown when, after returning to your table and your friends after a performance, not all members of your party sing your praises.

Can you imagine the shame?

The article ends with a bit of a downer and an upper:

Alas, there is no Betty Ford Clinic for karaoke addicts, no 12-step program. Yet I envision a perfect world that would include Karaoke Anonymous whereby addicts could get the help, attention and applause we need via a chorus of empathetic peers who can help set the tone in our wide-ranging search for harmony over discord.

But, here’s the thing– in 1995 Mr. James J. Peters had no idea that someday someone would invent a FUN UNLIMITED, RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE microphone that would just fuel karaoke addicts like Kacey.

And, if you want to see Kacey get those standing ovations and praise she deserves, check her out on The Breakers Tour with Little Big Town this year. And her album, Golden Hour, is out this Spring.

Note: yes, I did order one of these microphones for myself.