Kacey Musgraves Found Herself Right in the Middle of a Kendall Jenner Controversy and It Was Low-Key Amazing


I stan for Kacey Musgraves and while I don’t have the same feelings for Kendall Jenner, she does seem like a perfectly fine human.

It all started when Kacey shared a screenshot of Kendall’s most recent Instagram post on her stories. Kendall’s photo features a blurred out image of Kacey’s Golden Hour album cover in the background, so in turn, Kacey posted the same photo but blurred out Kendall’s face.

Honestly, I thought it was pretty hilarious.


But, then– the Internet caught on.


But, then– Kendall responded and said she LOVES Kacey and named my favorite Kacey song as one of her favorites and the controversy was officially over.